Our Services

Give a helping hand to vulnerable children

Nutrition And General Welfare

We cater daily at the project from different corners to more than 50 children. Having in place water, food, fuel and ingredients, eases the work for having welfare ready at the project.

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Health,Water Management

The project intends to work closely with donors/volunteers to start water harvest at the structure.

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Education For Children

We offer services on the private sector under rehabilitation that promote inclusive and Equitable Quality Education.

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Moving a child from a street, slum or a highly risky home is not an easy thing. .

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Re-build the broken families and critical relations between fathers, mothers, sons and daughters.

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By the time our child qualifies to be resettled, she/he has stayed at our rehabilitation Centre for at least one year.

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Meeting vulnerable children Needs


vulnerable children Impacted in 2019

  • Education For Children
  • Nutrition And General Welfare
  • Rehabilitation
  • Resettlement